Ethereum 2.0 Attacknet Launches

ethereum attacknet abstract july 2020

All hackers across the world have just been invited by ethereum developers to bring down the incentivized ethereum 2.0 testnet, the attacknet. A first of its kind, Danny Ryan, the ethereum 2.0 coordinator, said: “We welcome white hats to bring down the two beta-0 attacknets for reward and fame.” Haxors get $5,000 to bring down Lighthouse or Prism, both ethereum 2.0 clients in this incentivized testnet, with this being beta for now as: “Lighthouse-attack-0 and prysm-attack-0 are real networks, ready for you to attack, but they are beta in the sense that it’s our first go at this — we expect to learn and iterate quickly. These networks are also very small (only 4 nodes each!) so should be pretty easy to take down,” says the github Public Attacknet page. “These first two attacknets are very small and should be -pretty- easy to take down,” Ryan says, adding: “In subsequent…

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