EOS Congested Says Coinbase

congestion 1

EOS has become very congested according to Coinbase which publicly said they are “seeing degraded performance for EOS transactions.” An airdrop is apparently taking almost all capacity, accounting for 95% of transactions, with Coinbase running out of CPU for EOS transactions, CPU being an abstract measure that limits transactions based on how much EOS you lock for CPU. “Coinbase did not have enough staked CPU to successfully have its EOS transactions processed by the network,” the exchange said. A token called EIDOS is basically dosing the network, with speculators buying CPU before hand in anticipation. CPU can be leased on a REX exchange. Anticipating a rise in demand for CPU prior to the airdrop, speculators have hoarded it to sell it now that the network has run out of capacity. “According to the EIDOS project website, the airdrop is going to continue for the next 15 months. As long as…

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