DoJ Seizes Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin Ransom, How?

fbi hq 1

The US Department of Justice has stated they seized 63.7 bitcoin out of 75 bitcoin paid to ransomware hackers who briefly brought down the Colonial Pipeline. This is the first time such announcement has been made, raising the question just how they were able to take possession of the coins. “The private key for the Subject Address is in the possession of the FBI in the Northern District of California,” the agent said in the affidavits. Thus there isn’t some bureaucratic miscommunication, law enforcement has been able to not only locate where the funds went to, but also actually take possession. How? No explanation has been given in time for publishing with the censoring prone and over-classification leaning agency redacting even part of the address they took possession which we were able to allocate in full: There’s no risk whatever in revealing this address as far we can conceive, except…

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