Dogecoin Jumps 80%, Enters Top Ten

dogecoin billionaire meme april 2021

Wow. Dogecoin has spiked overnight to nearly double from circa 7 cent to 14 cent per coin. The currency has been gradually rising for the past 24 hours, and the best part of it is no one has a clue why. That’s because this time Technoking Elon Musk tweeted after it rose, suggesting maybe this is just doge being doge. Like kids that jump up and down with much excitement ahead of some festivity, while adults just smile, so too it may be doge is showing much excitement ahead of Coinbase’s first day of trading in the stock market. Bitcoin too has risen, but not quite in an 80% jump, reaching just about $65,000 today while ethereum touched $2,400. Doge therefore gets the show of course, for now, with this being the only OG coin that by now probably no OG still has. That’s because they probably lost them all…

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