Dogecoin Halfway To Penny Parity

dogecoin rises july 2020

Dogecoin has doubled in price in one day after rising some 30% the day before to now near half a penny, currently trading at $0.0046. The joke currency has found new fandom in teenagers who are memeing it to the moon. Their aim is to get it to one whole dollar for one doge, and although they’re some way from that, they are getting closer to getting it to that landmark price of penny parity. Silly, you can say but while TikTok teens sing and dance to dogecoin, grown up men in expensive suits take their bets, yes on a joke. That joke is now worth more than half a billion dollars, overtaking Compound in market cap, the little bank of sorts where you can lend and borrow all through code. It is close to overtaking Dash, the old now almost forgotten coin, and it has risen 26th in market…

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