Dogecoin 50 Cents

doge 50cent meme

Dogecoin is halfway towards 1 doge = $1 doge, with the meme currency jumping to a new high of 60 cent. It has risen from 40 cent at midnight in a day long bull run that passed through 50 cent before trying new heights, but came back to 50 cent. Dogecoin has defied expectations for now weeks, with the crypto rising to top four at a market cap of $71 billion and huge unfiltered trading volumes of $32 billion. That’s while bitcoin ‘crashes’ to $53,600 and eth is either dipping or ‘crashing’ to $3300 from overtaking $3,500. Doge on the other hand seems to be chilling, now up to 54 cent, and the only reason seems to be the technoking and dogefather, Elon Musk, will host Saturday Night Live (SNL) this Saturday. Dogies presumably hope he gone make some doge jokes, and that appears to be enough for the currency…

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