Did Saudi Aramco Invest in XRP?

saudi blockchain workshop jan 2019

When Blythe Masters, a British former executive at JP Morgan, first started whispering about the technology behind bitcoin being revolutionary, Hamid Rowaihy was enjoying the 25th year working at the state owned Saudi Arabian Oil Co., known as Saudi Aramco. He describes his position there as “a knowledge management systems strategist, architect and a business culture change agent for Saudi Aramco” to then become a “Special Projects Group Leader.” That’s until late 2015 when the blockchain was about to become a very big thing, at which point he invested in Ripple with Rowaihy now describing himself as an XRP holder and a consultant on “the future of global real-time payment and gross settlement between banks and financial institutions.” That doesn’t quite suggest Aramco itself has bought XRP, hence the title being a question, but this oil giant which accounts for “90% of Saudi Arabia’s revenues and most of its foreign…

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