Devs to Test Ethereum 2.0 Genesis Launch

ethereum 2.0 abstract

Ethereum 2.0 developers are to test the genesis block launch outside of the current testnet by the end of the month. They say they plan to do a dress-rehearsal network launch, with a 2-3 day short-lived testnet. According to devs meeting notes, the penultimate week of September is pencilled in for configuration parameters to be advertised. So around the 21st of September, with the launch expected one week after. That would be the 28th of September. They’re also thinking of performing a mock hardfork of the network, which is the ultimate proof of decentralization. You’d then expect soon after the deposit contract to launch on the current live ethereum network, so beginning the last phase of the genesis block launch. That would probably be sometime next month if the network continues to run without any problems, with the genesis block launch dependent on the smart contract reaching a 500,000 eth…

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