Detente: Will China Reopen Bitcoin Exchanges as Part of Trade Deal?

trump xi

China has seemingly gone full blockchain with a media blitz following a speech by president Xi Jinping. Easily dismissible as a gimmick, especially their plans for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), further movements make one wonder whether there is something actually happening here. “We are looking probably to be ahead of schedule to sign a very big portion of the China deal, and we’ll call it phase one but it’s a very big portion,” President Donald Trump said, adding: “That would take care of the farmers. It would take care of some of the other things. It will also take care of a lot of the banking needs.” Just two weeks ago NY Times reported the then tentatively agreed deal would “strengthen Chinese protections for American intellectual property and give financial services companies more access to China’s market.” Now, there appears to be an agreement on currency manipulation too,…

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