Defi Surpasses $30 Billion on Ethereum

defi market cap feb 3 2021

Assets under management in decentralized finance (defi) running on the ethereum network have surpassed $30 billion for the first time. Some $4 billion has been added since just this Monday, with it increasing by $9 billion since January 22nd. There is now 7.4 million eth, worth $11.5 billion, locked in these dapps while the bitcoin sum has risen to 46,000, worth $1.7 billion. The MakerDAO assets under management have now risen to $5.5 billion, contributing to DAI’s market cap of $1.7 billion, considerably less than the tokenized bitcoins running on eth which have risen to $4.2 billion. Aave is rising as a top gainer with its price up from just $26 in November to now $335, an all time high. Uniswap has doubled its previous brief all time high to now $19.80, giving it a market cap of $5.7 billion based on its $3.4 billion in assets. Uniswap handles more…

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