Defi Season Everybody Mooning Now: Aave, Synthetix, IDEX, Compound, Augur, Melon, Gnosis

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We expected altcoin season, but defiance is on as financial dapp tokens have seen significant gains in the past few days. Starting with the one you’ve all heard of now: Compound. Up another 50% to $200, partly because almost no liquidity and partly because it’s the only thing happening right now. Aave, the flashloan boys have also seen considerable gains. This thing rose from 2 cent in April to now 13 cent. Much more importantly, its assets under management are seeing a jump, and not just a jump: From zero to $100 million in six months, now that’s growth and a very profitable one because all these defiers are quite willingly and very happily paying their fees. That’s because we have as just an example the Defi Savers, new boys. Now you can flashloan your Maker collateral to a green Thursday while everyone else cries. Vat? The best part is…

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