Defi is Greening While Bitcoin and ETH Take Holliday

decentralized options ethereum june 2020

At least for some it’s summer because bitcoin and eth (like cats) have left the house and have not been back for some time. Here in London however we’re blessed with much wind and cloud so to keep boredom at bay, it looks like many are continuing to play on decentralized financial platforms, defi. Ampleforth is making a straight line upwards and was up 40% in the past 24 hours, now at nearly 20%. They’re apparently to do this defi thing where they give you free tokens, so 4chan has been shilling them a little bit. Actus is something that has been underground, until now. To our surprise, they claim to have launched decentralized ethereum options, giving us the featured image above. We haven’t checked much of it because this is the overview section, with Bancor, Synthetix, Ren, Kyber, and much of the rest in the green today. dForce, we…

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