Decentralized Finance Assets Under Management Surpass $20 Billion

defi assets surpass 20 billion jan 7 2021 768x333

Decentralized finance (defi) has now become one of the biggest asset manager in the world with $22 billion in the custody of ethereum financial smart contracts. MakerDAO alone holds more value than almost all cryptos, besides bitcoin and eth, at some $4.28 billion. While flashloaning and collateralized lending Aave has risen to second place, automatically managing $2.9 billion. Uniswap is now one of the biggest exchange in the world with close to $3 billion in assets traded across an incredible 28,000 pairs that generate close to $1 billion in trading volumes. Its copy clone fork, SushiSwap, is not far behind with circa $2 billion in assets as defiers provide liquidity to get more sushis. Balancer, which is somewhat similar except its liquidity pools are bigger, and thus strategizing is more complex, is now close to $1 billion. The stock market exchange Synthetix is close to double its size, while Compound…

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