Curve Fork Insta Gains Nearly Half a Billion

swerve curve fork sep 2020

A fork of Curve, Swerve, has insta attracted some $400 million worth of stablecoin liquidity right out of launch. That’s in part because Andre Cronje of YFI tweeted about it, and considering recent events, maybe he’s even the one behind the fork, something that is being denied. As we reported some tensions developed between Curve and Yearn’s yETH over a parameter that underprices dai in the Y Curve Pool. Cronje asked for a fix to the A parameter from 2,000 to 1,000, but yETH automates the insta selling of CRV tokens, so there were questions whether CRV holders would approve or not the proposal. As we speculated, an obvious solution was to fork the pool, as they have done but the dev for Swerve is anon, so we’re in that Putin world of probably yes, but deniably so. Anyway this Swerve pool has fixed the A and Curve holders are…

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