Crypto Trading Volumes Reach All Time High

crypto trading volumes april 3 2019 768x299

Global trading volumes of all cryptos and tokens combined have reached an all time high with some $89 billion exchanging during a 24 hours period, currently standing at $77 billion across all exchanges. Some of that volume is inflated, but CME fiat settled bitcoin futures spiked too from about 2,000 contracts to 12,015, translating to some $300 million. In addition, trading volumes in 10 crypto exchanges that have been deemed to not fake volumes have also spiked from $300 million to $1.7 billion for bitcoin. While combined volumes now stand at $4.3 billion in the ten exchanges, which means this is probably undercounting as it doesn’t include exchanges in say South Africa, or Brazil where bitcoin has seen a premium on high volumes recently. Fake or not, undercounting or over-counting, all data suggests there has been a considerable surge in volumes that propelled many cryptos up 20% and for some…

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