CRV Returns Experimentation with Tokenized Business Models

curve total deposits july 2020

Almost precisely three years since numerous experimentations were tried with the aim of fairly distributing tokens, and almost three years since the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) put a stop to all that, it appears 2020 is 2016 again or early 2017. As some of you who were around may know, the idea of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) began being developed around then with it eventually reaching the point where even Telegram and Kik’s Kin ICOed. SEC then moved in to say you couldn’t do that with just a whitepaper of ideas, you need a product. The products are now here, so they doing that again. Curve is the latest token to go to market sometime by the end of this month they say, with CRV being more a free gift to the users of Curve pools. They’re giving 61% of some 3 billion tokens to the users of the…

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