Court Case Filed Against Turkey’s Ban on Bitcoin Payments

sima baktas turkey bitcoin diktat lawyer court

Hours after the Turkish central bank published a diktat banning bitcoin payments, a court case will now decide the matter with Sima Baktas (pictured), the founding partner of the law firm GlobalB, stating: “As GlobalB is registered for a crypto money license and as we have a cryptocurrency payment business model in our future business plan, we are filing a cancellation case against the regulation of the Central Bank that prohibits crypto payments.” Baktas said the diktat “is against the Law of Obligations Art.26 ‘Principle of Freedom of Contract’. The provisions of the regulation cannot be arranged contrary to the ‘Law’. Therefore, this regulation should be canceled.” “When I buy doner, whether I buy crypto, apple or something else, you cannot prevent the functioning of business life with regulations at the bottom of the hierarchy of norms,” she said. We’re all therefore going to find out whether Turkey has an…

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