Close to $1 Billion Longs Liquidated

crypto longs liquidated dec 22 2020 768x406

Some $700 million long positions have been liquidated in the past 24 hours according to data by Bybt as pictured above. That’s the biggest one day liquidation since November 24th when the eth 2.0 sell the news event liquidated $2 billion. Yesterday’s action ostensibly was about London locking down yet again, but probably more because eth tried and tried to take that $670 and couldn’t in that round. Bitcoin had its own resistance at $24,000, with it bouncing to check support at $22,000, which held after liquidating close to $400 million longs. Eth dropped even more to $580s, reking some $125 million bulls in the process, and just $5 million shorts. That’s Bitmex. On Bitfinex some 20% of all longs got liquidated, dropping from 25,000 bitcoins to 20,000. Ethereum saw some 100,000 eth liquidated on the exchange while shorts have been rising slightly. What’s going on with XRP is not…

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