Chainlink Overtakes Litecoin, is Bitcoin Cash Next?

chainlink price july 2020

The ethereum based token Chainlink is close to overtaking BSV in market cap after bypassing Litecoin to now 8th position. The token has risen another 16% today after weeks long gains that have raised it from $2 in March to now closing in on $9. Its trading volumes moreover for the past 24 hours are higher than for even XRP, standing at $1.2 billion. That Chainlink has risen so much in ranking is more a sign of how much other cryptos have fallen. Bitcoin Cash had a market cap of $150 billion once, now it’s within range of chainlink which could well overtake it. XRP almost never gave its second position, and after eth came its third position, now it has been kicked off by tether for months. That the endlessly printed dollar is in third position is by itself an indication of just how much cryptos have fallen. Hence…

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