Capacity Increase Propels Ethereum to All Time High

ethereum price april 22 2021

Ethereum has reached a new all time high of $2,590, more than recovering from the crash earlier last week while bitcoin seems to be somewhat struggling at $54,000, down from $65,000. The ethereum ratio has been on a bull run, up to 0.047 bitcoin from 0.038 just a couple of days ago. The reason is most likely because ethereum has increased capacity by about 20% following numerous gas related improvements during the upgrade earlier this month. As can be seen above ethereum’s block limit has been increased to 15 million gas units for the first time in a year, up from 12.5 million. Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s co-founder, has suggested it can be increased further to 20 million, but it appears miners for now are going with 15 million. This increase in capacity could potentially make ethereum more attractive to speculators that went to cardano or the copy pasta centralized Binance…

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