Burned Banksy NFT Challenges Art

burned banksy nft march 2021

NFTs are getting hotter today following the fire of Long Island that burned a 2006 Banksy original certified by Pest Control. Someone describing himself as a tech enthusiast said he was working with SuperFarm to create a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) out of the piece of work which then was burned. They said it was to be auctioned on Opensea where we tried to find it. There is a piece, but we were unable to verify this was minted by the banksy burner. That we can’t be sure of the veracity of the above suggests both the digital and analogue have the same problem, but only initially. If they tweet out it is theirs, then the above might have a different value than otherwise, but its authenticity may well always depend on that tweet, which could be hashed, yet we have a weakness. The weakness in this case is derived due…

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