BSV Chain-splits Into Three

bsv chainsplit august 2019

BSV, the chain-split of a chain-split has itself split into three chains following a ginormous 210 MB block this Saturday. Coin Dance and other block explorers were stuck on that 210 MB block, including some miners who extended the “original” chain. Bitmex research says 65% of BSV nodes are on the latest block. 17% have been stuck on the 210MB block while 19% have not even upgraded and are on the old pre-hardforked chain. BSV “upgraded” this July 24th with the sole aim of changing the blocksize limit from 128 MB to 2 Gig. The stated requirements to participate in this network for operating a “listener node” or a mining operation are, among other things, a “1Gbit+ Internet Connection (up and down).” Ryan Charles of Money Button and a strong BSV supporter was unable to keep up, stating: “Money Button went down because our Bitcoin SV node ran out of…

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