British Law Firm Launches Tokenization Platform

dla piper chicago

DLA Piper, one of the most renowned global law firm has announced the launch of a tokenization platform in collaboration with Aldersgate DLS (Digital Ledger Solutions). A piece of art work by Chinese artist Wang Xiao Bo was the first to be tokenized through the Aldersgate DLS TOKO platform with legal advice provided by DLA Piper. The platform however can be used more widely, including to tokenize a fund or a property, the law firm says. Little further detail is provided beyond the company saying the platform provides smart contract functionality and digital asset creation functionality and assurance. The blockchain itself is Hedera Hashgraph, a Proof of Stake (PoS) network run by global brands, including DLA Piper itself. Making this a controlled environment for still very experimental tokenization projects in a fairly fast moving field where the law is finding it somewhat difficult to keep up. Numerous jurisdictions are trying…

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