Boris Panic Sends Pound Crashing, Oil Down, Bitcoin ???

londoners leaving after yet another lockdown announcement 768x485

The British government and the World Health Organization (WHO) has known of a new strain of virus since September according to a WHO official speaking on Andrew Marr’s show. Yet Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, has decided just days before Christmas to create a mini-panic with France, Germany and other countries announcing flight bans due to a mutant virus. The latter sounds very scary. However, there’s suggestions this is no more dangerous because the virus likes to live said the WHO official. Due to the latter, it has now learned to spread faster, but hopefully more kindly as shown by the fact cases in London hospitals are about half of the peak in April when they stood at 5201. Now it is 2,909 out of ten million people. Thus the British government has taken the decision to restrict movement in London, but with a difference. People can go to…

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