Blockchain Not Bitcoin Says China While Launching Lessons on Bitcoin and Ethereum

china bitcoin ethereum

China’s Communist Party is apparently cautioning its people to not confuse the blockchain with bitcoin. “Bitcoin is only an application of blockchain, and it is not equal to blockchain, so do not misunderstand it,” People’s Daily said according to a translation. Yet China’s Communist Party has launched an official course on the blockchain. According to local media as per a rough translation, the course: “Consists of 25 episodes, including the initial introduction of the blockchain, the consensus protocol in the blockchain, introduction to bitcoin, introduction to ethereum and smart contracts, the improvement of blockchain performance, the security of the blockchain, and the blockchain and basic knowledge of big data, etc., as well as an in-depth analysis of blockchain instances and specific programming code examples.” Meaning to introduce the blockchain, they will teach about bitcoin and ethereum as well as how to code smart contracts for the latter. Raising that obvious…

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