Bitcoin’s Market Share Falls Below 40%

bitcoin eth market share may 2021

Bitcoin’s market share has fallen below 40% for the first time in three years as altcoin sezun gives rise to many cryptos. In particular ethereum has risen to its highest crypto market share since the last peak in February 2018, accounting for more than 19%. That’s almost as much as all other cryptos combined at 21%, which themselves have seen considerable appreciation with the top 20 ranking transformed: Bitcoin’s market cap has fallen now to $800 billion, while ethereum is almost half of it at $400 billion. Then we have Binance Coin which is like their token share, worth $80 billion in part because Binance buys it back based on quarterly profits. Cardano is the only one to survive in rankings from the 2017 ICO whitepaper wave with it on fourth position based on promises of smart contracts ‘soon,’ albeit about five years too late as eth invented smart contracts…

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