Bitcoin’s Hashrate Surpasses 150 Quintillion, Ethereum All Time Highs

bitcoin hashrate jan 2021

Bitcoin’s hashrate has risen above 150 quintillion for the first time, that being above a trillion and quadrillion in hashes per second, also called exahashes (EH/s). That’s a 6x increase in two years from 40 exahashes per second in January 2019 to a new all time high. This rise in demand has doubled asics prices while mining profitability has tripled with a bitcoin miner stating: “Earnings per TH/s were around $0.07 to $0.08 in early October and spiked to $0.27 to $0.28 in the latest week.” That has sent bitcoin mining stocks to new highs with the Nasdaq traded Marathon Patent Group rising 5x to give it a $1.3 billion market cap as it expands its mining operations. While Canaan, the biggest asics manufacturer after Bitmain which IPO-ed in 2019, has seen its price yoyoing, doubling to fall 50% to double again. A mining boom has returned in eth too…

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