Bitcoiners Wait For GME Profits


GME has opened at $300, a doubling over yesterday when it doubled from $70 to $150. The meme stock has gained the attention of even Elon Musk who tweeted: Gamestonk!!! That was enough to send it rallying in after hours trading, but now that markets have opened, it seems to be falling. GME is down to $250 at the time of writing, with trading halted because it was falling too quickly. That halting is quite unusual to this space because no one can halt bitcoin, but for GME it appears to happen quite often. Markets afterall just opened. The big question is obviously where this might find support with Melvin Capital, the short-seller apparently bailed out. They claim to have closed their position, with $300 a very big milestone for this stock which was at just $20 this January 12th. Many shorters therefore would be called at this level, but…

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