Bitcoiners Race to Arb the $2,000 Euro Discount

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Bitcoin is close to $2,000 cheaper in euros than in dollars for the first time ever as far as we can recall. The currency is trading at $34,000 on global exchanges for the BTC/USD pair at the time of writing. However, its price is €26,600, or about $32,000 on Coinbase. On the more euro focused Bitstamp, it’s at €27,000, worth $32,700. Significantly less than the global dollar price of bitcoin. Kraken is seeing a discount too in its euro pair, with this being a euro wide phenomena, most likely due to the forex exchange markets being closed over the holdays. Euro bank transfers may also take some time to hit exchanges, leaving this huge arbitrage opportunity untappable currently. However, forex desks should open later this Sunday at around 10PM UTC, at which point we may see for the first time a euro dollar bitcoin arbitrage. Anyone who has dollars might…

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