Bitcoiners Head to the Conference of Europe

conference for the future of europe opening april 2021

For the first time in a generation, the people of Europe are asked to raise their voice at the Conference for the Future of Europe which just launched its digital platform on Monday. The gathering of Europeans, styled in the form of a Citizens Assembly, kicks off on May the 9th, Europe’s day, presumably to the tune of Beethoven Ode to Joy. It’s the first time European citizens are directly asked for input on just what they want the European Union to be, with it organized in different categories: economy, foreign affairs, democracy in Europe, and quite a lot more. This Citizens Assembly style event may even produce a constitution out of it, so power brokers across the continent will pay close attention as a new Europe may well derive legitimacy from this conference. It is arguably what the French yellow vest protests were about, and it is here, and…

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