Bitcoin Worth One House Says Citibank

citi canary wharf hq

Analysts at one of the world’s biggest bank, Citibank, have made an astonishing claim considering the source rather than the claim itself. Thomas Fitzpatrick, Managing Director at Citibank, says “the whole existence of bitcoin has been characterized by unthinkable rallies followed by painful corrections (the type of pattern that sustains a longterm trend).” This they say corresponds to gold’s action when it was allowed to free-float after America renegaded on its promise to convert dollars to gold: This leaked analysis for clients further claims gold is a was, a 20th century asset belonging to a different age, while bitcoin is the new gold: We just want to correct here the dates slightly. 2011 was largely a bear market, 2012 flat, 2013 bull. 2014 bear, 2015 flat, 2016-17 bull. Then 2018 bear, 2019 flat, 2020-? bull? You can barely see there the circled number. It’s $318,315.72. That conclusion is arrived based…

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