Bitcoin Unmoved as Vienna Attack Raises Geopolitical Stakes

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Bitcoin is a hedge against geopolitical risks, a study has found, but it has not immediately responded to an increase in tensions perhaps due to internal crypto factors. The attack in Vienna however is the latest in an escalation that began with the re-publishing of the cartoons that portray one of the main religious figure for two billion people as a suicide bomber. A barbaric beheading in France then turned all this political after the French President Emmanuel Macron said Islam was in crisis, courting a backlash across the muslim world with the Turkish president leading the charge after he called certain measures announced by France as a witch hunt. Tensions between France and Turkey have been increasing for some time, so these developments were worrying, but “just” a continuation that plenty thought would fizzle out. This attack in Vienna however marks a different sort of escalation because one would…

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