Bitcoin Turns Upwards, Ethereum Rises

bitcoin tram hong kong sep 2020

After bears spent days to try and breach $10,000, with that iron support holding and holding, bulls may have now taken charge once more. Bitcoin rose to $10,600 from about $10,200 with ethereum seemingly leading currently. Grandpa wasn’t sure what to do, but ethereum had enough last night (London time), seemingly deciding bears couldn’t get past $350. So the fuel of this new global network is now probably thinking of testing that $400 again, a line that makes it a bit shy. It tried to near it a few days ago, but as one might expect a correction at $390 followed. This time, it’s to be seen whether the correction will repeat or its blaze it time (don’t do weed, reks your brain for realz bad, try legal ‘drugs’ instead like beeeeee or vodka for you Ruskis). Anyway, we’re past $324, but it’s to be seen now whether we’ll get…

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