Bitcoin Train is Leaving the Station Says Bill Maher

bill maher bitcoin april 30 2021

“There is a mania rising in the country these days about cryptocurrency and how the train is leaving the station, so you better get on.” So says Bill Maher, one of the world’s best known comedian, in his show Real Time with Bill Maher. The 65 year old confessed to having no clue about this bitcoin thing. “I’ve read articles about cryptocurrency, I’ve had it explained to me, and I still don’t get it,” the pre-internet grandpa said. That didn’t stop him however from going on to critique, revealing in the process why he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t seem to understand finance. “Apple stock is worth money because Apple makes thousand dollar phones… but Dogecoin… has no product.” Dogecoin runs on a massive global meme factory as we all know and people are happy to buy these memes, but jokes aside, dogecoin itself is the product. Apple stocks are…

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