Bitcoin Tests Support

bitcoin price jan 11 2021

Bitcoin has fallen by some 30% from $42,000 to test support at $30,000 with it unclear whether it will hold. After some sideways at $40,000 while eth was nearing all time high, bitcoin turned downwards yesterday as pictured above. It began turning downwards around midnight UTC, which would translate to about 8AM Shanghai time. Suggesting this is China’s doing and not for the first time. For some days now Chinese bearishness has been noticeable during night time, with European and American bullishness showing during daytime. China as it happens still accounts for 60% of bitcoin mining. It may well be such miners choose to liquidate when the buyers are asleep because thats when its daytime for the miners. The big question is now whether this $32,000 support will hold, with our tree leafs giving us some new numbers: 55518<50804<40844<38902<36491<35253-34282>33906>32389>30038>27580>25982 55, looks like a big number, but that’s actually not too…

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