Bitcoin Takes $17,000, a New All Time High Incoming?

bitcoin price november 17 2020

Bitcoin has added another $1,000 to its price, crossing $17,000 for the first time in three years. The currency has seen increased credible volumes of $4.5 billion, giving it a market cap of $310 billion. That’s the highest ever, with bitcoin’s market share up to 65% of the combined crypto market cap as the digital gold clearly leads the show. There’s clearly been a breakout here. First during summer, but more confidently last month when this began knocking down all previous resistance lines. $10,000 was a very big one, as was $14,000, with it unclear whether this will stop here much if it aims for all time high. That’s at $20,000 which it briefly just about touched in December 2017, with it to be seen whether it will retake it. There’s plenty of good arguments for why it may well do so. New supply has halved and more importantly, just…

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