Bitcoin Silent on Google Trends

bitcoin google searches usa dec 17 2020 768x247

Bitcoin has finally broken $20,000 with it nearing $24,000 at one point today while the currency currently trades at around $23,000. That has brought much excitement for cryptonians and also some of wider finance as institutional investors diversify. Among the general public, however, there does not appear to be much enthusiasm for this major bitcoin milestone: Bitcoin searches are at 16 out of 100 according to Google Trends, a mere 16% of its all time high even as the price surpasses it. Such searches currently are lower than even during summer last year or May 2017 when this space was much smaller. Generally the same applies for the United States as well (featured image) where much appears quiet as far as this parameter is concerned. The reason is a bit unknown, but somewhat intriguing because it also applied the last time the then all time high of $1,000 was broken.…

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