Bitcoin Sideways, Pound Unmoved, as the Very Close Brexit Election is Now On

uk election nov 6 2019

The Queen has dissolved parliament today, marking the official beginning of the five weeks election campaign in a defining moment for the United Kingdom. The race is between Boris, Corbyn, and Jo, with Farage poking at all three, while the country looks on at the completely different visions. What happens here matters, and matters a lot, not just for Britain or just for Europe, but the entire world. The outcome can move markets, including bitcoin, and what the British choose, others might follow. A Corbyn win makes Democrat’s job in America a bit easier, if not gives them a victory. A Jo Swinson win would revive liberalism across Europe and America as well as other countries in a pendulum swing after two decades of constrains. A Boris victory is more complicated because he describes himself as a liberal conservative. What that means is not too clear except that it’s new…

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