Bitcoin Sideways as Trumpies Protest the Election

trump supporters protest election

Bitcoin appears to have found some support at $16,000 where it has been kind of sidewaying since November 12th. The currency appears to be unsure of where to go right now, with potentially little resistance until the all time high itself, the big $20,000. Although, going by past action $17,000 should be big resistance too, hence perhaps why it is sidewaying at this level. Another reason may be that bitcoin has kind of closely been tracking the election, something that has led to a decoupling from stocks after kind of tracking them since March. Bitcoin rose for example on the election day itself, and curiously fell a bit when it seemed Trump was winning, to then rise alongside stocks when it became clear Biden was winning. Once the election was called for Biden, bitcoin fell slightly, but Trump claiming he actually won made it rise once more. Now America is…

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