Bitcoin Rises Above $40,000

bitcoin price feb 6 2021

Bitcoin has broken the wall at $40,000 to rise on high volumes of $72 billion in the past 24 hours. The currency is up from $32,000 at the beginning of this month, with it now nearing its all time high of about $42,000. It has had numerous attempts to take it, but this one feels the realest of them all after a month long consolidation in January. The digital gold is benefiting from bullishness in the digital space where dogecoin is just two away from top ten in market cap. Retail stock investors are now finding out about this no-halts trading space and most probably are liking the speed here compared to utterly boring stocks where a 1% movement is a phenomena for their $100 trillion global market cap. But all this is dwarfed by big money. Microstrategy has put out a great conference this week aimed at corporate treasury…

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