Bitcoin Remains Squeezed Inside a Triangle Forming Says This Week’s Crypto TA

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The crypto market keeps correcting; there have been no strong movements yet, but the risks of declining grow. The leading cryptocurrency might be accumulating energy for another wave of growth as the execution of a Triangle pattern. However, this idea may only be confirmed by a breakaway of the upper border of the pattern. As for now, we might expect a bounce off the lower border of the pattern and an attempt of the bulls to attack $11,005. At the same time, the unwillingness of the leading digital asset to go up and constantly shrinking maximums betray the weakness of buyers. In this case, a breakaway of the lower border of the pattern may provoke a serious bullish correction, in which case the altcoin market may drop even deeper, having no time to recuperate after the current decline. Bitcoin The leading digital currency keeps pushing off the important support level…

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