Bitcoin Ranges on $2 Trillion Stimulus and Tether

biden trillions tether meme

Bitcoin has fallen by about 10% from near $40,000 to now testing support with it strongly bouncing off $34,200. Ethereum and most other cryptos share the same story, with bitcoin somewhat ranging as it tries to clear off $40,000. One reason why it may well be able to so is because more checks are to rain on USA as Joe Biden, the president elect, unveils a $1.9 trillion stimulus. There’s an increase in child credits, tax credits, jobless benefits and a $1,400 giveaway for every American, including the spouses of undocumented immigrants. Where these trillions come from is of course not something we ask anymore as budgeting the books is old fashioned nowadays, but Biden hinted at tax rises for the wealthy. When that’s to be expected is not clear. For now it’s the spending bit as UK locks down its border while the government there blame the voters for…

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