Bitcoin Ranges at $48,000, Eth Struggles with $1,800

bitcoin art

Bitcoin has attempted numerous times to stay above $48,000, but without much success so far. The currency is trading just below it, currently at $47,500 after it briefly reached $48,100. Before it, yesterday it went as high as a very brief $49,000, but somewhat quickly gave way downwards to a local low of $46,800. We can clearly see bitcoin has entered a new range after rising from $44,000 early yesterday to now between mid $48,000 and high $46,000. This would be expected ahead of the significant resistance at $50,000, with the fact it is sidewaying here encouraging as the crypto may well try taking $50,000, although maybe after a bit more sidewaying. At the same time ethereum is struggling with $1,800, with it sidewaying quite a bit more than bitcoin at these levels. While we can see for bitcoin a clear new level, here it’s not that clear as arguably…

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