Bitcoin Nears 70% Market Share

bitcoin market share rises to dominance dec 2020 768x344

Bitcoin’s market share is close to the highest level since it began falling back in early 2017. The digital gold has both maintained its value better and has risen more than potential challengers. While bitcoin is more than 10% above all time high, ethereum is not even half way to its all time high. BCH, once a contender for the top spot, is now below litecoin, the copy cat that no one minds. XRP, which once briefly overtook BTC in market cap, is now decimated, below even tether. Bitcoin on the other hand is grabbing big money attention, with the currency truly in a class of its own. That’s most likely because it is the most trusted crypto when it comes to its fixed supply. Something that can’t very easily be re-created. Ethereum for example doesn’t even have a fixed supply, and it has actually increased technically with the launch…

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