Bitcoin Nears $18,000 as Trump Opens Iran War Options


Bitcoin reached $17,800 before currently trading at $17,500 with the currency up another $1,000 today. That’s for many reasons, but a new one may well be what lameduck Trump might do in his last two months especially where Israel is concerned. Their media is currently full of speculation regarding Trump gifts, with the Jerusalem Post stating “It’s likely that the US and Israel have something up their sleeves that can’t be mentioned.” “Israel is encouraging the Trump administration to take direct action to reduce the Iranian threat,” they say, with the New York Times reporting Trump considered just that on Thursday. Apparently officials talked him out of it, but Israel now wants B-52 bombers to do the job themselves. “Any action against the Iranian nation would certainly face a crushing response,” Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said. Previously Iran said they would level Tel Aviv and Dubai if any action…

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