Bitcoin Mining Farms Not Closing Because of Coronavirus

bitcoin miners jan 2020

Some 70% of mining is in China where an outbreak has led to 80% of the people there staying indoors according to a bitcoin miner in China. Bitcoin mining farms however are not affected says a representative from Hash in the Box, a cloud miner, despite nearly all regions in China that have mining clusters seeing numerous infections. According to a Reuters report last month, the most significant cryptocurrency mining hubs are in Yunnan, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and the Sichuan provinces. Only Mongolia has no confirmed cases so far. Sichuan has 80. Yunnan has 26. Xinjiang has 5. These cases however tend to be in cities or in urban areas. “In Sichuan, the farms are deep in the mountains, very safe,” says the Chinese miner who wants to go by the name of Mike. “The 80 cases are in the city.” Mike’s claim is supported by the current bitcoin hashrate…

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