Bitcoin Might Become #1 Hedge During Global Economic Uncertainty

bitcoin gold abstract

American stock markets experienced their worst trading day of the year on Monday after China escalated the ongoing trade war with the U.S. by devaluing the Yuan. As global economic uncertainty and political tensions rise, it’s important to keep an eye on the inverted yield curve in U.S. Treasury markets, which has accurately predicted U.S. recessions since 1960. Local economic indicators in the U.S. appear to be fairly stable, with annual GDP increasing by 3.1% and the unemployment rate being at a 50-year-low of 3.7%. But volatility in the American bond markets indicates that investors might be anticipating near-term risks that could potentially affect businesses and individual consumers. On Wednesday, financial markets throughout the world took a major hit after several central banks slashed interest rates. According to former US Secretary of the Treasury for President Clinton, we might be at the most dangerous economic moment since the global financial…

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