Bitcoin Maxis Harass Andreas Antonopoulos Over Ethereum 2.0 Announcement

antonopoulos ethereum2.0 bitcoin maxis sep 2020

Andreas Antonopoulos has caught the ire of numerous bitcoin maximalists following an announcement he is to hold a livestream on ethereum 2.0. “More than 1500 people voted for me to answer questions about ETH2.0 this month. Thanks for the simple, non-controversial subject,” Antonopoulos said, further adding: “I’ll be answering questions about POS, sharding, epocs, phases, & more” at 5PM UTC later today. That’s all it took to trigger whatever pretend bitcoin maxis are left, with Pierre Rochard stating “let’s be clear about who started this: Andreas.” Apparently talking about ethereum 2.0 is “attempting to bring down maximalists” with Antonopoulos stating: “I’ve had my book co-authors told to stop working with me to avoid negative affects on their career… it is a very real campaign of harassment from where I stand.” None other than Adam Back, the el presidente das Blockstream, replied to implicitly threaten with the divorce papers, stating: “If…

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