Bitcoin Market Cap All Time Highs, Cryptos Surpasses Half a Trillion

crypto market cap nov 18 2020

Bitcoin’s market cap has risen above the all time high of $324 billion reached on December 17th 2017 with it now standing at $332 billion. The cryptocurrency has reached $18,400 today, close to the all time high of $20,000 in December 2017. It’s credible trading volumes moreover have nearly doubled over yesterday to $7.5 billion. Bitcoin’s market share is at its high levels too, closing in on 67% as other cryptos underperform relatively speaking. Eth especially has put up a rubbish show, failing to take $500 in what feels like a heavy coin. The world computer has a far bigger supply and an inflation rate of 4%, compared to bitcoin’s circa 1.8% and falling. In addition, the mining market in eth is a bit rigged in as far as two corporations, Nvidia and AMD, have a duopoly of sorts over GPUs. So miners just can’t get their hands on the…

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