Bitcoin Flirts with $14,000 as America Decides

trump orb saudi

Bitcoin is holding the $13,000 something range and may well overtake $14,000 again with the crypto showing some considerable strength. For now however it is somewhat stable as all eyes turn on the presidential election which may well decide what course America takes and the world. Betting markets have Biden as a clear favorite, a surprising result considering the race is fairly close, but even Texas is now apparently a toss up. After four years that have ended up with what plenty think is an asymmetric pandemic that seems to affect China none at all and fully all others, a GDP down the pit and debt levels in stratosphere, riots in many American streets, a land of the free full of social media censorship, a global reputation for America that you’d think can’t fall any lower, a politicized holy city of Jerusalem, a tariffed Europe, and Russian spies in NATO,…

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